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In The Post-COVID19 Era,
Diagnostics Must Be Decentralized

miLab improves the accessibility to proper healthcare for communities of all sizes
by providing a decentralized diagnostics solution.

The goal of our technology is to empower labs and clinicians
to overcome the environmental and resources constraints
thereby providing a more precise and faster diagnosis.

The New Gold Standard

Improving Diagnostic
Accuracy and Consistency

Among the existing diagnostic instruments, the miLab Platform is the only device that automatically replicates the gold standard blood testing process. miLab provides lab-grade results by minimizing human error and providing diagnostic confidence.

The results of a manual microscopy diagnosis can vary greatly based on quality of sample preparation and the expertise of the technician. miLab removes these variance possibilities by automating the entire process and with the use of AI algorithm.

Accuracy of Diagnosis

miLab 94.4%
manual microscopy 77.8%
miLab 100%
manual microscopy 97.7%
Hans-Peter Beck, Professor

“miLab provides diagnostic results with higher accuracy and consistency compared to other available methods.”

Hans-Peter Beck, Professor, PhD,
Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute

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Complex Workflow Simplified

Lower Labor Cost
and Improve Efficiency

Over 70% of blood testing cost is related to manual labor involved in the testing process. By fully automating the entire testing process with miLab, it lowers the labor cost and drastically improves the effiency.

Average cost related to laboratory maintenance
Hans-Peter Beck, Professor

“I think miLab can largely replace conventional blood tests because an expert can review the AI analysis to aid the diagnosis. It has great usability."

Seongsoo Jang, MD, Asan Medical Center

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Lab-Grade Diagnosis in a Benchtop

Empowering Resource-Challenged Settings

Traditionally, large scale laboratory infrastructure was mandatory for accurate and rapid blood testing.

The simplicity of the miLab however can provide lab-grade diagnostic results without the usual skilled staff nor capital investment in laboratory infrastructure such as complicated equipment, sewage systems, bio-waste disposal facilities, ventilation, and manual microscopes. miLab has been optimized to provide easy access to proper diagnosis for resource-poor settings, emergency situations, and quarantine facilities.



Not required



Not required


Laboratory, water supply and sewage, ventilator, telecommunication, microscope etc.

Not required

Hans-Peter Beck, Professor

“miLab and the partnership with Noul is pushing us forward to the point where we can start talking about eliminating malaria.”

Douglas Lungu, MD, Wezi Hospital

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Data Monitoring and Surveillance System

with real-time clinical and geolocation data

Images of tested blood samples are stored in miLab and can be accessed remotely anytime for diagnosis and treatment.

miLab can also be used as a real-time geolocation surveillance platform for monitoring outbreak of infectious diseases.

Hans-Peter Beck, Professor

Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency can now remotely evaluate real-time images and AI analysis of blood samples.

Case Study for KDCA

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