We leads the future of digital healthcare
with novel technology and robust business model.

Why Invest Noul

Noul is a decentralized diagnostic testing platform company established with the goal of improving medical access to essential diagnostic testing areas such as blood and cancer. With miLab™, an innovative diagnostic solution that enables accurate testing at the quality of large hospitals in conditions that lack laboratory infrastructure. We will draw a growth curve in the world’s high-demand diagnostic testing markets such as malaria, blood analysis, and cervical cancer. Noul will continue to increase the mid to long term investment value by leading the telemedicine and digital healthcare market, which are considered as the future of healthcare.


Noul believes in the establishment of a fair and transparent decision making and internal control system, which is a key requirement for securing the trust of stakeholders, and ensuring competitiveness in the market. We are establishing a sound governance structure through board-centered management, while making every effort to increase long-term corporate value by continuously enhancing the expertise, independence and diversity of board operations.

Inside Directors

ChanYang Lim CEO, Chairman of the Board
  • B.S in Electrical & Computer Engineering, Seoul National University
  • (Former) Business Dept. Head, MGB Endoscopy
  • (Former) Manager, Partners Investment
  • (Former) Managing Partner, Sol Invest
  • (Current) Chief Executive Officer, Noul
KyungHwan Kim Director
  • B.S in Electrical & Computer Engineering, Seoul National University
  • M.S in Electrical & Computer Engineering, Seoul National University
  • (Former) Senior Researcher, LG Electronics Inc. Institute for Future Internet Technology Convergence
  • (Former) Lawyer, Korea Telecom
  • (Current) Chief Legal Officer, Noul
JungKwon Ahn Director
  • B.A in Business Management, Korea University
  • M.S in Environmental Management, Seoul National University
  • (Former) Senior Researcher, POSCO Research Institute
  • (Former) Senior Auditor, British Standards Institution
  • (Former) Chief Sustainability Officer, Slowalk
  • (Current) Chief Sustainability Officer, Noul

Outside Directors

Seon-Jee Lee
  • College of Law, Seoul National University
  • Admitted to bar, Korea, 1999
  • Columbia University, School of Law (Visiting scholar)
  • (Current) Attorney, Kim & Chang
  • (Current) Member, Public-Private Partnerships
    Deliberation Committee, Ministry of Economy and Finance
  • (Current) Member, Dispute Mediation Committee, Korea Exchange
  • (Current) Outside Director, Noul
Seongsoo Jang
  • MD, Hanyang University
  • (Current) Professor, University of Ulsan College of Medicine
  • (Current) Chairman of Board, The Korean Society of Hematology
  • (Current) Outside Director, Noul


From the foundation, Noul has pursued growth through embedding sustainability philosophy into our daily business system. Under the company’s sustainability strategy, we are enhancing investor and capital market’s expectations for environmental, social and governance.
Noul carries social venture designation bestowed by the Korea Ministry of SMEs and Startups, which is rare for healthcare startups, and preemptively acts to meet most of the requirements in the ESG evaluation of the exchange market.

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