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Sustainability is at the core of our business philosophy.

We believe that our commitments for sustainability contribute to a better society along with long-term business success.

Sustainability at Noul

Since the founding of Noul, we have strived to mature into a company grounded in the philosophy of sustainability.
As a global corporate citizen, we are committed to embracing social responsibility and sustainability in all of our business practices.

Noul strives to uphold ethical and legal standards,
maintain healthy partnerships with its stakeholders, and balance profit, people and the planet.

Noul Sustainability Circle

We are expanding our sustainability activities according to the Noul Sustainability Circle.

Three Domains of Sustainability
  • Compliance with applicable laws and standards.
  • Responsible Business Conduct in every business activity.
  • Social Value Creation for sustainable impact in the community.
  • Three Approaches to Sustainability
  • Corporate Citizenship perspective
  • Stakeholder Engagement on “material issues”
  • Collaborations for sustainable innovation
  • Sustainable Innovation

    Our aim for sustainability has led us to innovate and discover novel technologies. Our goal is to minimize resource consumption in all miLab diagnostics processes, as we have exemplified in minimized water usage in NGSI technology.

    a Sustainable and Innovative Technology

    NGSI, one of the core technologies of miLab, eliminates the large need for liquid during the sample preparation process. As a result, NGSI reduces biohazard waste and the use of toxic chemicals by up to 99%, compared to the current procedures.

    Ethanol Fixative Solution

    Methanol, a toxic chemical used for blood fixation, harms the health of medical staff and the environment during biohazard waste disposal. Researchers at Noul developed a technology where ethanol, a much safer and efficient alternative, is used in place of methanol.

    Sustainability in our workplace

    We create a culture of sustainability in our workplace

    Sustainable Lifestyle Zone

    This is a place where we explore sustainable lifestyles. Some of the projects include initiating zero plastic waste campaigns, sharing products that promote sustainability, and hosting book clubs on environmental and social issues.

    Environmental Campaigns

    On the first day at Noul, we provide a sustainability kit with a tumbler and bamboo toothbrushes to encourage our team to reduce plastic waste at work. We also host movie nights and flea markets to exercise a sustainable lifestyle.

    Business for SDGs

    Our business objectives are directly related to the United Nations SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)*.

    Our work is focused on making timely and accurate diagnosis accessible to every person, especially for those who are socially and financially marginalized.

    Noul seeks to address UN SDG 3 (Good Health and Well-being) through products such as miLab. We focus on enhancing human health by contributing to the eradication of infectious and non-infectious diseases, which are considered as some of the biggest threats to global public health. Noul’s work in Malaria, one of the three deadliest infectious diseases in the world, is an example of such efforts.

    As we grow, we seek to broaden our areas of influence to other direct and indirect goals beyond SDG goal 3.

    *UN Sustainable Development Goals: a collection of 17 goals addressing global challenges we face, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate change, and peace and justice. SDGs calls for collective action by the global community by 2030.

    Business for Impact

    Noul is a business seeking social impact. From the beginning, we have operated under a hybrid business model which integrates business values and social impact. We are working to develop various strategies and methods to scale social impact with the company’s growth.

    Our goal is to drastically improve healthcare accessibility and systematically reform the diagnostic processes. In order to accurately monitor our impact, we are working to develop our own impact measurement & management standards grounded on our philosophy of sustainability

    *Noul is a member of the Impact Alliance, a group of organizations aligned for collective impact.