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We aim to provide the best working atmosphere for everyone.

Our team is made up of exceptional experts from over 30 different fields with adventurous spirit, and ambitious attitude to make our world a better place. From communications specialists to computer vision engineers, each person at Noul practices their expertise while actively working together towards a common goal.

We are always looking for talented, self-driven individuals who possess a strong sense of responsibility and are aligned with Noul’s mission.

We seek a Simple Organizational Structure

* Noul Tropical Infectious Diseases Center
** Chief Scientific Officer
*** Chief Sustainability Officer

Noul aims to build agile role-based teams in a fluid organizational structure. This structure allows us to make timely and effective decisions in the face of a quickly-evolving bio/healthcare/medical device sector. It is also our belief that this unique and flexible structure will be a catalyst for future breakthroughs and innovations.

Key Characteristics of Our Team

  1. Strong sense of responsibility and professionalism
  2. Active communications for effective problem-solving
  3. Strong leadership which initiates collaborative efforts

We Are Self-Driven

We embrace creativity and champion diversity to create a workplace which is accommodating for all. We value these traits as breakthroughs and innovations are borne to those who are self driven.

We operate under a flexible work environment to foster these ideals. Our team can freely and responsibly choose where and when to work. Furthermore, we strive to establish a culture that build trust and leaders.

Key Attributes of Our Team

  1. Internalization of our mission, values, and principles
  2. Transparent communication
  3. Efficient and logical decision making processes

We Aim for Audacious Goals.

Our mission and business directives is to contribute to the welfare of the global community, and to solve tough challenges that threaten global health and welfare.

We seek members who will pursue these challenges with grit and resolve without compromises. Potential candidates should be committed to the highest level of standards and work ethic.

Key Traits of Our Team

  1. Grit and resolve to achieve audacious goals
  2. Holistic view and systematic thinking
  3. Resilience to ovecome failures

We Value Attitude and Mindset

Attitude and mindset are the source of strength in our journey to achieving our corporate objectives. The attitudes and mindset that we care about includes a sense of responsibility, respect, openness, collaboration, and leadership for growth. Justifying the means with the end is not tolerated at Noul.

From the founding, we have been giving out various awards to encourage innovations and to harbor a culture of personal and corporate growth. These awards include The Noulian of the Year award, The Challenger Award, and the Best Colleague Award.

Key Distinction of Our Team

  1. Shared commitment to our mission and values
  2. Strong sense of empathy
  3. Open to receive and offer constructive feedback

Opportunities & Benefits

Noul offers a variety of opportunities & benefits
to encourage teams to work
in a culture of trust
and responsibility.

Flexible work hours
Monthly welfare bonuses
Daily meals
Support for on-the-job training
Free book program
Medical checkup every 2 years
Great office environments

Recruitment Process

  • Application Review

  • Technical Evaluation
    (If needed)

  • 1st Interview

  • 2nd Interview

  • Hiring

  • Application Review

  • Technical Evaluation
    (If needed)

  • 1st Interview

  • 2nd Interview

  • Hiring

※ Phone interviews, additional interviews, or references checks may be requested.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Noul does not discriminate or exclude based on factors mentioned in the Article 2 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labor Organization (ILO) No. 111, including factors such as work experience, academic background unrelated to competence, gender, religion, political orientation, and place of origin.

To ensure a transparent and fair recruitment process, Noul does not ask for information that is not directly related to applicant’s requirements for the position. Therefore, please note that the applicants should not include the following information in their application.

[Date of birth (age) / ID photo / gender / physical conditions / marital status / family details / housing conditions / income].

Open Position

Open positions

  • Please download and complete the application form posted for the job posting and submit it to Please use the following format for main email title and attachment name for your submission: [Position Title _ Your Name].
  • Please feel free to submit additional materials such as portfolios, papers written and letters of recommendation with your application.
  • Contact email:

Rolling applications

  • We are always open to talented individuals who believe in our mission to tackle global challenges with innovation and novel technologies.
  • If your positions related to your expertise is not listed, then you can still submit an application for future recruiting opportunities. Any information you share with us will not be shared outside of Noul.
  • All applications will be in our database for two years and will be reviewed according to open positions and if there is a match then we will contact you.
  • If you would like have your application deleted from our database then please contact
Go to see our open positions

Asked Questions

When you submit your application via email, Noul’s People Team will respond with a confirmation email. If you have not received a confirmation email within 2-3 days of submission, please contact .
An application review takes upto 1 week. For any delay, a notification will be sent to your email.
The status of each process will be communicated regardless of the result.
Yes. We consider every applicant for each position. However, it is highly likely for the company to give an offer for the most fitting position. Thus, we recommended you to apply for the position that you are most confident in.
Reapplication is welcome if you meet the requirements for the new posting. During the interview of the reapplication, we will take a closer look at the developments and growth since your previous application.
If you pass both of the interviews, the People Team will send you a formal offer letter. In the offer, you will find roles & responsibilities, salary, welfare, and a starting date. If you accept the offer, the recruitment process concludes. Further information for onboarding will follow.
We occasionally have need-based intern or part-time positions for tasks that don’t require expertise. Intern and part-time job openings are posted on the website and related recruitment platforms.
Yes. Please notify the recruiting manager and we will confirm if a video call interview can be arranged.