Frontend Software Engineer (1)

Software engineers at NOUL are responsible for building products to save lives in underdeveloped countries. We are looking for an exceptional frontend developer who loves the idea of working with other talented engineers with various backgrounds in biology, chemistry, mechanics, and computer science. As a member of Platform Lab at NOUL, you will have the opportunity to work with full stack engineers who are developing not only frontend and backend but also AVR firmware, linux device drivers, QT application, machine learning, nodejs backend and frontend.


  • We understand the importance of pragmatic methods, such as code reviews and pair programming.
  • We believe having fun at work is important.
  • We are always open to new techniques, ideas, and discussions.
  • We do what we can do better than computers.
  • We try to eliminate repetitive and redundant processes.



  • Develop web frontend interface
  • Monitor, manage and present the collected data in the most effective way
  • Collaborate with UI/UX designers


  • Proficient knowledge in frontend development:
    • React or Angular
    • ES6
    • REST API
    • CSS
  • One of below is a BIG plus but not necessary:
    • Web Backend
    • DevOps
    • Linux Application
    • Machine Learning
  • 3+ years of professional experience in frontend development; or relevant portfolio that shows your process and skills