In the Interest of Valuable Technology Saving Lives

“Whereas biotechnology and healthcare are the two high value-added industries, most are focused in advanced countries. Underdeveloped countries barely benefit and our mission is to break the barrier and contribute to those in resource-poor settings through innovative technologies.” “The mission is the driving force to all of our members creating a healthy corporate culture and happiness in life.”

Diagnosing Malaria within 15 Minutes, a Korean Startup Excels in the Global Market

“0.6 - 0.7 million malaria deaths are reported every year, and 90% is from underdeveloped countries in Africa and East Asia.” “This mobile diagnostic device NOUL developed can help reduce the death rates.” “The accuracy of the diagnostics is much higher, not to mention that it is much faster than other existing diagnostic devices, diagnosing within 15 minutes.”

NOUL Shares Noul-Colored (sunset-colored in Korean) Hope in Communicable Disease Diagnostics through Innovative Technology

Emphasized the technological breakthrough that “once the chip developed by NOUL enters the underdeveloped countries, it will bring an revolutionary change” and the significance of cutting edge technology in development as “where the laboratory and technology of the advanced countries are most needed is the underdeveloped countries”