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From Cell Preparation to Diagnosis

AI-driven On-site
Diagnostics Platform

miLab™, A Paradigm Shift
in Blood Diagnostics

miLab, a paradigm shift in blood diagnostics


miLab Platform


NGSI* Cartridge

  • Patented cartridge with all reagents fully integrated
  • Simple in design
  • Dual functional with smearing and NGSI stamping

Applications : Hematology, Pathology, and Microbiology

*NGSI (Next Generation Staining and Immunostaining) is a patented core
technology of miLab, a solid-based staining method utilizing automated
sample preparation.

An Entire Lab on Your Bench

miLab™ Device

  • Fully automated sample preparation
  • A built-in high resolution digital microscope
  • User friendly design and interface
  • Deep learning based computer vision diagnosis
Up to 100X More Precise
Compared to Manual Microscopy

AI Diagnosis

  • Parallel process for both digital imaging and AI analysis
  • Consistent and uniform results
  • High speed digital imaging (Captures 500 blood cells per second).
Detailed Results & Analysis
- Anywhere, Anytime

miLab Viewer™
Cell by Cell Viewer

  • Software viewer for the analytical results
  • Real-time remote access to the data stored in miLab devices
    using a web browser
  • Integration capable to network surveillance systems

Our game-changing

Next Generation Staining and Immunostaining (NGSI)
Robust Scalability
in Disease Diagnosis

NGSI, the patented solid-based staining technology can replace the current liquid-based sample
preparation methods and possess the potential to expand applicabilities to other diagnostic areas.

Game Changer in Diagnostics :
Liquid Free Staining

NGSI technology eliminates the liquid usage in the sample staining process and can complete it in only a few minutes using a single step stamping method.

Versatile Technology :
Scalable to Various Diagnostics

NGSI Next Generation Staining
and Immunostaining

Precision Diagnostics
by Multi-Focus Imaging and AI Technologies

miLab provides superior accuracy compared to the competing technologies by combining multi-focus imaging and the state-of-the-art AI algorithm.
Our AI can perfectly replicate the diagnosis of an expert microscopists without the errors and deviations.

AI algorithm of the miLab analyzes multi-layered digital images of smeared blood cells to achieve 99%+ specificity
to classify and detect parasite-infected cells.

True-positive cells
False-positive cells
True-positive cells vs.
False-positive cells

The World’s First
Integrated Device
Featuring Fully-Automated Sample Preparation
and AI-Based Diagnosis

miLab is the world’s first all-in-one, fully-automated device which can process sample preparation and AI diagnostic in one workflow.
miLab integrates cutting edge technologies from computer vision AI, bio, hardware and software engineering.

Embedded AI
  • Network-Free
  • High Performance CPU
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Core i7 Equivalent
  • High Speed Auto-Focusing
  • Optimized FPGA Chip Design
Digital Imaging
  • High Resolution,
  • High Speed Imaging
  • 500x Microscopic Lens,
  • CMOS Sensor
  • No Water Needed,
  • Gold Standard
  • NGSI Technology
Key Features Includes :
  • FPGA-Based Digital Imaging System
  • Automated Robotic Module (Smearing & Staining)
  • On-Board AI with Embedded CPU
  • Integrated software
ISO 13485 Certification
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